Why do I pay MORE for COUTURE?

Published on 17 June 2021 by Sneha Sharma

The thought of Couture nudges the memory of hefty ensembles, handsome embroideries, and state-of-the-art dignitaries in the front row.

However, clothes are the jewel of this elusive world. “Couture clothing is more than just fashion; it’s truly an art. And indeed, one single couture dress can parallel the cost of a piece of art”, says Chere Di Boscio.

Alexander McQueen Runway Show, 1999. Picture from AnOther magazine

The Best in Art, Couture

Showcasing the aesthetic design ideas on the fabrics in Dior’s Spring 2021 Couture collection to Alexander McQueen in his Spring 1999 show, having two huge Robotic hands in the middle of his Runway, furtively spraying color onto the model. It is an example of how Couture is a great way for brands to express the best in art, on fabric.

3D Organza Hand Embroidery

Time and Talent matters

“For my artisans to make a whole sherwani, it takes about a month. The three-tier hand embroidery process takes around twenty days, the color correction and dying take about a week, the production and final fittings take another four to five days”, says Jatin Malik.

Such artistry takes time a lot of time. And hence the clients are paying these skilled hands for their time, experience, and expertise. These artisans instill the fabric with such beauty, dedication, and ethics in a way no machine ever could.

Midnight blue Kashmiri Jamawaar Sherwani

Wearing Traditions

The inspirations are drawn from various traditions, one of which is the Kashmiri Jamawaar embroidery. “Jama” means robe and “war” is the chest and metaphorically the body. With the wedding ensemble of Jatin Malik Couture, we believe in paying homage to these old traditions and keeping them alive in the modern world.

To sum up, there are myriad reasons why couture is more expensive than any other form of clothing. Each piece is painstakingly made by hand and takes up to several months to complete. The cost is justified when you consider each garment is unique, one of a kind, tailored to fit perfectly, and is also timelessly stylish.

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